RailSquid Spray System


Vegetation control at grade crossings that is safe and complete.   Make the application without needing any “ontrack protection” and safely spray while you also collect vital visual data at the crossing.  


Spray your switching yards and storage yards without pulling tracks.

The unique Rail Squid Spray System will can make your vegetation applications under the railcar without turning a wheel or needing “ontrack safety”.  

Spray in yards at shift change, or lunch without interrupting operations



Spray in locations that keep getting skipped or missed.   Or locations you would have never considered spraying in the past.

If a siding gets skipped because a train is parked in it, the cost of sending hy-rail equipment back at a later date can be saved by having a pickup with this low-cost alternative. 

Storage or interchange track that always have cars in them – spray them now with Rail Squid. 


When left untreated the walking conditions around railroad tracks can become unsafe very quickly, and once the growth gets out of control the vegetation becomes harder to manage and eventually leads to multiple safety concerns including fire and derailment hazards.


There is nothing available like the Rail Squid.  No other device gives you the ability for vegetation control while cars are on-track, and without the need for on-track protection. 

Weed mitigation without compromising productivity and weed mitigation in places you didn’t have it before.  



Our unmanned aerial systems (UAS) have been flown around the globe over tens of thousands of acres in the agriculture industry already.

The application in the transportation industry is a natural fit and we have partnered with some of the industries longest most trusted leaders to develop the equipment, technology, application, and training.

tech details and spec sheets

AG 210

Great for smaller applications.

  • 2.5 Gallon Capacity
  • 21 lb Payload
  • 46 inches x 46 inches
  • 10 – 20ft Spray Width
  • Hylio Agrosol Ground Station System
  • Quadrocopter Configuration 


Spec Sheet

AG 216

Perfect for applications around industrial environments.

  • 4.5 Gallon Capacity
  • 35 lb Payload
  • 67 inches x 59 inches
  • 15 – 25ft Spray Width
  • Hylio Agrosol Ground Station System
  • Hexacopter Configuration 


spec sheet


A mobile operations unit for spray crews.

  • Walk on roof with safety railing. 
  • Internal stairs to roof
  • Self-contained unit. 
  • Customizable.
  • Increased line of site for flight operations. 
  • Onboard power unit. 
  • custom internal and external lighting.
  • Office space. 

starting at $52,000

spec sheet

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